Venuefinder Awards Categories

The categories for the Venuefinder Awards will reward and celebrate the people making it happen.  From the operations team within a venue adding the finishing touched to a standout event, to the agency staff delivering exceptional customer service and the suppliers that go above and beyond… 

The Venuefinder Awards will cover the breadth of the industry, allowing individuals and teams across all aspects of venues and events to have their achievements held up as an example to the sector.  We know there is work to be acknowledged and achievements for everyone to celebrate which is why we’re so excited to launch these awards.

We will be calling for entries in the following categories: 

Best Large Venue
This award is open to any UK venue with a capacity of more than 500 people in at least one space within your venue.  If your team has introduced new technology, provided a more efficient way of working with your customers or offered an innovative visitor experience within the last year then this is the award for you.  

Best Small Venue
This award is open to any UK venue with a capacity of under 500 people in any of your spaces within your venue.  What do you offer that’s different to your competitors?  What services and facilities do you have that sets you apart, or have you introduced something new or different within the last year? If so this is the award for you.

Best Small Venue Sales & Marketing Team
This award highlights the collaborative nature of the sales and marketing team within a venue.  Judges will be looking for evidence of success: both through financial results, customer service and testimonials from your clients.

Best Large Venue Sales & Marketing Team
This award recognises the sales and marketing teams from large venues in the UK.  The judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate a collaborative approach and their ability to sell and attract top events to their venue. They will also take into account the size of the team relative to the venue you work in.


Outstanding Contribution by an Agency (small)
This award recognises agencies that have under 40 staff. Judges will be looking to award a team that has added value to their clients venue finding process – they will be looking for clear team objectives that have been met, examples of recent new business wins and exceptional customer service.


Outstanding Contribution by an Agency (large)
This award is open to any venue finding agency with over 40 staff. Judges will be looking for clear evidence of success, details of any challenges your team have faced and what added value you have added to the venue  finding process for your clients and will recognise above and beyond any financial gain for the organisation.


Most Progressive Venue of the Year
This award is open to a team within any sized venue within the UK who has made a measurable and positive impact to their clients, through CSR, fundraising and sustainable inititives.  The judges will be looking for originality, pioneering technology and memorable customer service – they will be looking for testimonials that reflect the elements that are unique about the visitor experience offered as well as what innovation makes your venue stand out from the rest.


Supplier of the Year
This award is open to any supplier that works within the event industry.  Judges will be looking for teams that delivered an outstanding, unique service, which has added great value to their clients.  This case study led award will be judged against objectives and results in terms of quality, reliability, productivity, efficiency, performance, problem solving.


Agency Collaboration of the Year
This award will recognise a seamless relationship between the client, agency and the venue.  The judges will be looking for the individual or team who has initiated the perfect partnership and need to show how you have exceeded expectations with clear evidence and results.


Venue Operations Team of the Year
This award is open to any operations team working within a venue.  If your team has evidence of success: how has your team added value to the events that have been organised within your venue and demonstrate a collaborative approach.


The Venuefinder Personality of the Year
This award will recognise those that have truly made their mark in the events space.  Judges will be looking for influential, inspirational and have made an outstanding contribution to the industry.

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